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Nordic Adventours - Your planning tool for outdoor & adventure activites in the Nordics. We understand the specific needs of adventure travelers and are developing a tool for them to optimize their planning process.

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About Us

We love the north - Nordic Adventours

We love the north

Scandinavia, Finland – Europe’s last true wilderness.
We love the endless freedom one can find only here.
We love to go to places other people wouldn’t go.
and we love to do things other people wouldn’t do.

We love the north, to be active and to do fun stuff.

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We live our life outdoors

We don’t like hours of research to find things to do,
or clicking through boring stuff on booking sites.
We don’t like uninformative operator homepages,
or mapping out our trip manually on Google Maps.

We like to live our life outdoors, not at a laptop.

We are Adventourists - Nordic Adventours

We are Adventourists

We are niche travelers who do adventure activities,
and want a search tool that knows what we like to do.
We are not mass tourists nor urban travelers,
and want a planning tool that understands us.

We are Adventourists. We don’t like Segway tours.

Seek inspiration or find new locations for your favorite hobbies

Our destinations

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