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Adventure activity providers need a marketing tool that works for them while they are out with their clients.


Nordic Adventours is a marketing tool which makes it possible for guiding companies to reach out to new customers and communicate with existing ones. Through our platform activity providers in the adventure industry can create trustworthiness for their brand and spark communicating with their customers.

We are doing constant research to find adventure companies that are active in Denmark, Sweden, Norway or Finland. We write short descriptions, gather the contact information and link to their social media channels. With all this information we build short company profiles and add them to our database. Now your company shows up on our interactive maps and is findable by our users. But obviously this is not the end of the story.


After you sign up you will be able to ‘claim’ your business – or add it if we have not yet found you. Once you have done this, you will have many options to extend, improve and individualize your profile.

Fill in content such as pictures, videos and reviews. Upload your tour or product descriptions using a simple dashboard and then convert this information into a well-designed company profile. In practically no time and without any effort. Of course you are also able to embed your social media feeds, YouTube channel or add a blog to enhance your profile. Apart from that we have plenty of ideas for features to simplify the communication with your clients. These we intend to develop and add along the way in cooperation with you.  By making use of all the features we offer your profile can be so extensive that it actually substitutes the need for an own homepage entirely. This makes it the perfect solutions for new, small or one-man businesses.


Following the typical principles of other booking sites, members profit from the bundled content created by all activity providers. This drives traffic to the platform and thus exposes your offers to a broader audience than your own homepage might be able to reach. Unlikely other booking sites however our existence is not only about making money off your product. We want you to be successful online and are able to assist you with all questions you might have around online marketing. From product development, content creation or social media marketing over search engine optimization and strategic ads creation all the way to consultations about your homepage and profiles on other portals such as Tripadvisor or Naturens Bästa.

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Adventure tourists are diverse in their set of interests but they are all united in their passion for the outdoors


We are aware that many of you already have had experience with booking sites and promotion platforms. We also understood that way too many of these experiences have been negative. Allow me to counter your understandable doubts with two main points that separate us from other platforms. The complexity, anonymity and low conversion of existing platforms is a big drawback to most activity providers. So these became our three key pillars along which’s optimization we are measuring ourselves.


What makes us different from other booking sites and online marketing providers is our niche focus. For example tourists that look for a fishing guide might not be very much interested in booking a culinary walking tour in Stockholm or a tourist boat cruise in Gothenburg for the same trip. However, both are activities the leading booking sites suggest in this context! To us, that just shows how little this segment is understood by mass orientated platforms. Adventure tourists like ourselves are in fact much more likely to also book guided hikes, rental canoes or wildlife photo safaris. All of these things they would be able to find on Nordic Adventours.

The niche of adventure and outdoor activities in the Nordics is wide enough to offer a broad diversity of products to travelers which enables them to browse around and get inspired. And yet it is narrow enough to cover a lot of common interest and thus create trust among and value for the users of the platform.

WE do not support ANONYMITY

The industry’s common procedure by which booking sites hide the activity provider from the customer until after the booking is completed is something we find not only unfair, but extremely unhelpful in regards to marketing and branding of the operator. As we discussed in our previous post, many adventure activities NEED high individualization and coordination with the tourist. So instead of taking the possibility of pre-booking communication away we rather enhance it and make it as smooth and simple as possible.

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Adventourists dare to learn new things – Do not wait for them to find you. Find them first!


You as an operator surely know best about the tight margins and high competition in your industry. So please allow me to be brutally honest about this: To be a pain in the ass for potential customers to find you online and understand your product is something you as a guiding company or activity provider can simply not afford. Especially not as a small company, especially not once you understood that your target audience is the most online focused and most independently segment in the tourism industry. But how do we efficiently reach these people online?


In today’s online marketplace we all compete for attention; attention of the right people at the right time. You are not competing against the competitors in your market, you are now competing against all time consuming online activities. This includes other websites, social media platforms and blogs. As well as pretty much any other entertainment that users of your target audience engage in.

Sales pitches and commercials are an outdated way of reaching an audience. Online marketing is about engaging and listen to what your customers want, in order to solve their problems. Most importantly, we want to gain our audience’s attention without making them feel like they are being sold something and without interrupting in their daily lives. Your focus should therefore be on the need of the customer. Proactively supporting them and making them want to interact with you and later on visit your website to book.


Users of the web are drowning in content and advertisements. Sticking out is incredibly difficult and there is no universal solution like there was in the old days. Tactics like producing a TV-commercial and then wait for the costumers to line up do not work any longer. Our aim is to make it easier for adventure companies to reach their specific target market.

Let us help you to stick out and help us to unite the providers involved in this market. Together we can finally create a platform that efficiently brings your story to the right people, at the right time.



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Moritz was born and raised in south-western Germany. He moved to Sweden the first time in 2012 to study and follow his passion for the great outdoors. He started Nordic Adventours in 2015.

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