We are the only travel platform focused on outdoor and adventure activities in northern Europe.
Because we believe that life is what happens outside of cities we made it our mission to make the adventures of the north more accessible.


We simplify the communication and booking process between outdoor guides or rental services and independent, adventurous travellers. With Nordic Adventours you can find providers for your hobbies all over the Nordics or get inspired for new adventures to explore around you.


We love the north

Scandinavia. Finland - Europe's last true wilderness.
We love the endless freedom one can find only here.
We love to go to places other people wouldn't go.
and we love to do things other people wouldn't do.
We love the north, to be active and to do fun stuff.

We live our life outdoors.

We don't like hours of research to find things to do,
or clicking through boring stuff on booking sites.
We don't like uninformative operator homepages,
or mapping out our trip manually on Google Maps.
We like to live our life outdoors, not at a laptop.

We are Adventourists

We are niche travelers who do adventure activities,
and want a search tool that knows what we like to do.
We are not mass tourists nor urban travelers,
and want a planning tool that understands us.
We are Adventourists just like you are.


Nordic Adventours is based in the Science Park incubator in Jönköping, southern Sweden.
However, this is actually only where you find some parts of our team. With the use of modern
software solutions we are entirely remote controlled.

You can find our Chief Adventourist Moritz in Jönköping (most of the time), our Marketing
Adventourist Anders floating back and forth between Mexico and Sweden and our
Tech Adventourist Benedict currently in Dublin, Ireland.