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Fish your dream

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Tjuonajokk, Lapland, Sweden

+46 (0) 97013630

FishYourDream AB is a Swedish company in sportfishing tourism founded in 2006. We supply clients with fishing guides, accommodation, gear, food, transports and hospitality. We have three main destinations, Gotland, Sweden´s largest island where we target sea run brown trout, Lodge Ammarnäs in Swedish Lapland and Camp Tjuonajokk, famous fishing lodge by Kaitum River, above the arctic circle. No matter if we are targeting our unique Gotland Seatrout, the marvellous Ammarnäs trout or enjoying legendary Lapland fishery at lodge Tjuonajokk just by River Kaitum. With us you get a full experience. Good food, accommodation, guides and other activities on request. You should just fish, we do the rest.

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